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Looking for a way to save money on tanning all month long in Burien? Become a Club Sun member today! These memberships allow us to give you the best value for your money and you get to tan all month long for a low price. There are other benefits, such as member-exclusive offers and superior customer service.

Come in today to sign up for one of our packages!

Membership Pricing

  • Tan Club Klassik $29.99
  • Tan Club Diva $39.99
  • Tan Club Mega $49.99
  • Tan Club Magic $69.99
  • Tan Vip Klassik $19.99
  • Tan Vip Diva $29.99
  • Tan Vip Mega $39.99
  • Tan Vip Magic $59.99
  • Tan Club requires a 3 month commitment
  • Tan Vip requires a 6 month commitment

Non-Member Pricing

  • Klassik Conventional Bed: $60/month
  • Diva Medium Bed: $90/month
  • Mega Medium Bed: $100/month
  • Magic High-Pressure Bed: $120/month
  • Rejuvasun RED Light Therapy Bed: $85/month

Why Become a Member?

  • Upgrade to another bed for 65% off any time!
  • Earn free upgrades
  • Earn 20% off a lotion at sign up time
  • Sign up with FiveStar rewards and earn 35% off after you earn the required points

Already a Member?

  • Refer a friend and receive 10% off your Club Sun membership when they sign up.