Tanning Beds

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At Cactus Club Tanning in Burien, we are dedicated to helping you get the best, longest-lasting tan possible. This starts with picking a high-quality lotion with a professional recommendation. This experience continues in one of our luxury tanning beds. We have beds that offer a variety of benefits and picking the right one will just depend on your skin type, tanning experience, and the look you are going for. Our qualified in-house experts will help you pick the perfect one, so you can get the ideal bronze glow. You can learn more about our beds below.

Magic 636

This high-pressure bed allows you to have the equivalent of 8 hours of sun in just 12 minutes. 98% burn-free, ask one of our associates if this bed is the best choice for you.

Mega bed

This bed is one of our medium beds. It has 5 facial lamps and 10 shoulder lamps. A 10-minute session is equal to 4 or 5 hours in the sun.

Diva stand-up

This medium bed is a stand-up bed, meaning you will stand inside during the session. With 48 bulbs, a 9- minute session is equal to 4 hours in the sun.

Solar force stand-up

This medium bed is a step up from the Diva stand-up. It has 52 bulbs and a 9-minute session is equal to 4 or 5 hours in the sun.


This conventional bed is a popular choice. A 20-minute session is equivalent to 90 minutes of sun exposure.